The hero filled world of One Punch Man is also home to superhero teams like the Blizzard Group, which is built around a powerful telepath who goes by the name Fubuki in the original Japanese translations and Ms. Blizzard for English iterations. The B rank group relies on Ms. Blizzard’s strength and leadership to fight evil and stay safe in battle.

Though Ms. Blizzard is indeed powerful, the Blizzard Group is still outmatched and overwhelmed on a regular basis.  Luckily, the B Rank hero group is full of S Rank surprises. The list below unveils ten uncommon facts about the Blizzard Group.

Saitama Is Officially Recognized As A Group Member

One Punch Man Saitama Says OK

One of the most powerful surprises that the Blizzard Group has in store for their enemies is the time Fubuki has invested in Saitama. Although the Caped Baldy refused to join the group, Fubuki continues to commit her time to appease One Punch Man.

The time that Fubuki has spent building a relationship with Saitama will pay off. Even if Saitama wants to officially keep his name out of the Blizzard Group, fans know that if Fubuki were in need of help, the hero for fun would surely offer up his strength.

They Rely On A Strength In Numbers Strategy

One Punch Man Saitama and Tatsumaki Sassy Lost Child

With villains like Garou and Carnage Kabuto threatening the world, hero groups are a must for any heroes that fall below S Rank. In fact, in a world as densely populated by villains, hero team-ups are necessary even for those in the S Class. Genos is the perfect example of an S Class hero that needs assistance from time to time.

The Blizzard Group was built to fight evil with the advantage of numbers. In most cases, Ms. Blizzard and her team are more powerful because of their numbers. Still, there are moments where their membership numbers exceed necessity and even act as a weakness.

They Split The Bounties Awarded By The Hero Association

One Punch Man Saitama Found You

One of the weaknesses of sharing your strength as a group comes after the hero work is completed and compensation is delivered. In the world of One Punch Man, the Hero Association offers payouts for heroes that stop evil from harming humanity. Ms. Blizzard’s group manages their finances very socially.

Each group member that is deemed a vital part of a mission’s success is given a fair cut of the bounty. Strength in numbers may be beneficial for the sake of longevity and safety, but it doesn’t help much fiscally.

They Were Defeated By A Giant Demonic Fan

Saitama and the S Rank heroes are not the only characters who deserve the spotlight. In an extra added to the One Punch Man manga canon, the Blizzard Group acts as the protagonist of its own story.

After the way this clash between hero and villain wraps itself up, the Blizzard Group is surely thrilled that the S Rank heroes are around to help. Without Tatsumaki, a literal demonic fan would have decimated the Blizzard Group. Thankfully, Fubuki has powerful allies outside of the Blizzard Group that are strong enough independently to overcome the threats that numbers cannot.

They Worked Together To Buy Themselves A Group Car

For fans looking for an opportunity to see the members of the Blizzard Group strike out on their own, the “Struggle of The Blizzard Group” Omake included with Volume 9 of the One Punch Man manga is the place to go. When the group needs a new car they decide to branch out independently to get the money they need.

Ms. Blizzard leans into her skills by tracking down a couple of villains and collecting their bounties. The rest of the group enter the workforce as grocers, postmen, and construction workers. This extra is hilarious and it also gives viewers a chance to compare a hero’s salary to that of the average employee in the world of One Punch Man.

They Once Challenged The Saitama Group To A Video Game Competition

One-Punch Man Anime King And Saitama Play Video Games

The special Omake added to Volume 10 of the One Punch Man manga brings the Blizzard Group face to face with Saitama after the Caped Baldy disrespected the B Rank Hero group by rejecting Fubuki’s invitation. This extra shows Saitama rejecting Fubuki’s offer a second time, but after this rejection, Ms. Blizzard Challenges Saitama to a challenge. Whoever wins the challenge has to do whatever the other requests.

When Ms. Blizzard comes back the next day with a few members of the Blizzard Group, she challenges Saitama, Genos, King, and Bang to a video game competition. The Blizzard Group put up a strong fight, but King proved to be the best gamer. Without King, Saitama would have been forced to join Ms. Blizzard’s hero group.

One Of Their Members Used To Be A Professional Gamer

During the Omake “Numbers” The Blizzard Group brings in the 65th B Class Hero to defeat Saitama, King, Genos, and Bam at a video game competition. Piko doesn’t look like much compared to his peers, but he has a history of playing video games professionally.

With Piko’s help, Fubuki nearly forced Saitama into joining the Blizzard Group as an official member. Unfortunately, King prevailed against the retired gamer, forcing readers to question whether King’s superpower is actually gaming.

They Are Currently Under The Command Of The Saitama Group

After Fubuki challenged Saitama to a video game competition in the extra manga chapter “Numbers,” she finds herself indebted to the Caped Baldy. In order to trick Saitama into joining the Blizzard Group, she made a deal. Whichever team is defeated by the other in a video game competition has to do whatever the winner commands. Since Saitama has no interest in cashing in his reward after King defeats Piko, Fubuki is forced to live with a debt to Saitama.

Fans of the series know that nothing nefarious will come from Saitama’s command. Perhaps it may even be a good thing, considering how much value Fubuki could add to a team that already consists of Saitama, Bang, Genos, and King.

They Hold An Annual Winter Holiday Celebration.

The members of the Blizzard Group are like any other group of similarly minded work peers. Each goes to work each day to fight for the greater good.

Fighting villains is tiresome work that deserves to be celebrated when done successfully. The Blizzard Group celebrates its success each year with an annual Christmas party. To make it even better, the group leaves the invitation open for the general public to attend their celebration. Fans can wonder at the excitement average citizens must feel when attending the Blizzard Group’s annual winter holiday celebration.

After Tatsumaki Hospitalized The Blizzard Group Fubuki Formed A Different Group

During the Monster Raid Arc, the Blizzard Group is faced with a foe who has mastered the art of mind control. After a brief battle, Do-S turns The Blizzard Group’s number advantage into a massive disadvantage.

When Tasumaki shows up to save the day, she demonstrates a ferocity that puts nearly all of the Blizzard Group in the hospital. Fans can hope that while Fubuki’s original team is rehabilitating, the psychokinetic hero can get a little closer with Saitama, Genos, and King.