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Best Moments From Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden, one of the most popular anime’s in history, uses epic moments to keep its viewers immersed. With these epic moments and other enjoyable aspects of the show, Naruto Shippuden has a satisfying viewing experience.

Best Moments From Naruto Shippuden

Here are 5 of the best moments from Naruto Shippuden. It’s impossible to mention all the most incredible times its characters have had, because there are so many of them – but these moments of pure intensity stand out among the rest.

1. Naruto Returns To Konoha

Best Moments From Naruto Shippuden

With a grand entrance always makes for an unforgettable moment. A scene as epic as Konoha being invaded by Pain is always fun to watch, filled with huge beats, perfect pacing, and action sequences that are absolutely mind-blowing from watching from the beginning. But what really helps this moment be one of the best is when Naruto shows up in Sage Mode riding on two giant toads. The intensity is ratcheted up as we watch Naruto train under Jiraiya to learn the technique.

2. Madara Fights Might Guy

Best Moments From Naruto Shippuden

Watching Guy, a character known for wearing green jumpsuits, fighting one of the most high-powered ninja in series’ history is truly amazing. When Madara acknowledges Guy as one of his few worthy opponents, it proves a point that Guy has previously made. Guy told his protege Lee about the value of taijutsu – and now, taijutsu is the only thing that can defeat Madara – who is immune to just about everything else.

3. Minato Destroys Obito

Best Moments From Naruto Shippuden

In one of the most harrowing flashbacks in Naruto Shippuden history, Obito appears as Kushina is giving birth to her son Naruto. The villain outlines his plans to steal the tailed beast that live inside Naruto’s mother but is stopped by Minato with a well-timed Rasengan to the back.

4. Team 10 Gets Revenge

Best Moments From Naruto Shippuden

After Hidan kills their jounin instructor Asuma, Team 10 seeks him out to get revenge. The whole fight is epic due to the well-planned strategy, Team 10’s righteous fury, and Hidan’s utter lack of sympathy or regret. The best part comes when Hidan is just about to be defeated. Shikamaru tells Hidan that his god, Jashin, is worthless, and says, “I am your god now.”

5. Sasuke Battles Itachi

Best Moments From Naruto Shippuden

For the entirety of Naruto, Sasuke has been trying to get revenge for the massacre committed by his brother who also happens to be on Team 7. When his time finally comes, it’s one of the biggest highlights in every season.

The final fight is full of fury and anguish on Sasuke’s end, and devastation and love on Itachi’s. When they’re both close to death, Itachi reaches out to poke his brother in the forehead – a symbol of affection from before the slaughter.

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