Custom Made One Punch Man Shoes FDM0809 6 Official One Puch Man Merch
One Punch Man Shoes – Custom Made One Punch Man Shoes FDM0809

One Punch Man Shoes – Custom Made One Punch Man Shoes FDM0809

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Martial arts teaches that overall power comes from utilizing every part of your being, from the bottom of your feet all the way up to the top of your head and to the ends of your fingers. If this is the case, then one should always make sure that the feet, where the power is supposedly to start circulation from, is always well protected and comfortable. Much like the comfort and protection offered by the One Punch man Shoes, a very stylish and comfortable pair of sports shoes fashioned in the color of Saitama’s costume.

In the world where Saitama exists, there is hardly any force able to oppose the unstoppable power and strength of Saitama, who could end any conflict with just one hit, which is why he is called One Punch Man. While he does his best to avoid getting into any kind of conflict, it seems that conflict just has a way of always finding him.

Anyone who could identify the design and color reference of these shoes would also know that they also signify one of the primary traits of Saitama: patience. He tries his best to avoid throwing the first punch because he knows what kind of power he has, and what effect it would have on those who are foolish enough to irritate him.



  • Cotton Wool, Alpaca, Hemp, Flax, Silk, Water


  • Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Spandex, Liquid Resins, Thermoplastic fused Yarn

Fitted with Digital Light Synthesis Soles

This product is made of high-quality lithe and lightweight materials made by cutting-edge tech that combines composite fibers and fused yarns. More than 90% of this product is recyclable. The entire upper shoe was knitted completely with fused yarns and were bound to a 3D-printed sole produced by a method called Digital Light Synthesis (DLS). DLS is a lossless sole-printing method pioneered by Silicon Valley’s Carbon which uses a combination of light, oxygen and programmable liquid resin that creates soft, resilient soles that add significantly to comfort and style.

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