Top 5 Interesting Tatsumaki Facts

5 Interesting Tatsumaki Facts You May Not Know

Thanks to her lovely appearance, great strength, Tatsumaki is considered as one the most popular characters in the whole series. However, there are a few obscure facts about Tatsumaki that might surprise One Punch Man fans.

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Many of One Punch Man’s heroes are memorable and they have a huge fan base. So does Tatsumaki. She is also known by her hero alias Tornado of Terror is the S-Class Rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association. Tatsumaki is both capable of great things and is still largely viewed as a mystery. Let’s dive into 5 bits of information you probably never knew about Tatsumaki.

  1. Tatsumaki is younger than she looks.

Although Tatsumaki is 28 years old, she doesn’t look the same. Because a large portion of Tatsumaki’s life is taken away from her, it makes her age feel even more inaccurate at times. Therefore, in spite of being 28 years old, she is assumed younger than her younger sister, Fubuki.

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Moreover, the first time she met Saitama at a haunted house, Saitama thought Tornado was a lost child and she thought he was a ghost because her psychic powers didn’t work on him. Tatsumaki was completely freaked out by the concept of Saitama being immune to her abilities.

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  1. A real- life Tatsumaki would look French.

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Artist Yusuke Murata takes responsibility for adapting One-Punch from ONE’s popular webcomic into a manga format. He has taken over One-Punch Man’s visual style and evolved in fundamental ways that are carried over into the anime series. Once, he addressed the ethnicities of various One-Punch Man characters and stated that the Psychic Sisters would be French in real life. This means that Tatsumaki and Fubuki would presumably be very familiar with luxury Paris, Eiffel Tower…

Moreover, illustrator Yusuke Murata has built up the appearance of other characters in real life of many other countries, such as: Genos allegedly looks German. Suiryu would be Italian, Sweet Mask comes from Korean, and Choze might be Russian.

  1. She may be stronger than Mob from Mob Psycho 100.

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ONE, the creator of One Punch Man, is also the author of Mob Psycho 100, a story that deals with psychically powerful characters as opposed to brute strength. Mob Psycho’s main protagonist Shigeo Kageyama seems to be a normal middle school student with an unpredictable range of supernatural skills. He boasts telekinetic talents, spiritual awareness, and the ability to astral project, among several other things. Mob is likely to be perfect Tornado’s opponents, but ONE has claimed that the Psychic Sister would inevitably win. However, after that, ONE has also said that if Mob unleashes his full power, then it could be anyone’s match.

  1. Tatsumaki pays lots of respect to King

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Generally, Tatsumaki doesn’t make a good impression with others interacting with her, it may be a result of her immaturity and her brash characteristic. Therefore, she dislikes having to make collaboration with other heroes, even if with her younger sister Fubuki.

Then, it comes as a big surprise that Tatsumaki genuinely respects King. He is just a normal civilian without special skills.

  1. Tatsumaki’s hero alias is the Tornado of Terror

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One-Punch Man contains many thrilling battle sequences and dazzling superpowers, but the anime tries to explore the complete spectrum of the bureaucracy that surrounds these superheroes. A special hero name is a crucial factor and therefore the story features some truly absurd titles that do a decent job in undercutting a hero’s strength.

Tatsumaki’s Tornado of Terror moniker, however, is one amongst the more intimidating titles — the Hero Association specifically tries to cultivate this image in her. In fact, they expect her to “Terror” to her name so as to reflect her devastating power.

That’s some interesting things about Tatsumaki. We hope you were able to learn a few new things about him and if you knew all of these facts already – then congratulations, you’re a hardcore One Punch Man.


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